Take Control of Your Patient Feedback

Pulse is the easiest and most accurate way to analyse your patient feedback. Identify and monitor your service improvement efforts from one central platform.

Gain A New Insight

Through the evaluation of your patient feedback, you’ll be able to uncover previously unseen insights directly inside your Wards, Divisions, Hospitals, Trusts & Regions.

A Measurable Metric

With the introduction of highly accurate sentiment analysis, you’ll now be able to monitor all of your improvement efforts comparing sentiment scores over time to clearly see when your efforts are making a difference.

React Quickly

Say goodbye to the red pen, with the introduction of state of the art technology, Pulse can save you time by removing the need to check through thousands of individual pieces of feedback.

Our Mission

Our Mission

We understand the current constraints being placed on the NHS and believe that through the introduction of digital platforms like Pulse, not only can patient experience and quality of care improve but the cost of these improvement efforts can be dramatically reduced. Through the usage of digital platforms, NHS trusts can streamline frequently occurring tasks and focus on the issues that matter the most. This is why we’ve built Pulse and are dedicated to exploring new ways digital platforms can help individuals across the NHS.

Ready to gain a new insight into your patients?

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